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Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine is the application of science to criminal and civil laws, mainly—on the criminal side—during criminal investigation, as governed by the legal standards of admissible evidence and criminal procedure.
Forensic scientists collect, preserve, and analyze scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. While some forensic scientists travel to the scene of the crime to collect the evidence themselves, others occupy a laboratory role, performing analysis on objects brought to them by other individuals.
In addition to their laboratory role, forensic scientists testify as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases and can work for either the prosecution or the defense
Department of Forensic Medicine not only deals with legal aspects of medical science but also medical issues pertaining to law. This department deals with the application of medical knowledge to aid the administration of justice.
Classes of Forensic Medicine for second M.B.B.S (3rd year) are regularly conducted as, four lecture classes and eight tutorial and practical classes in a week. For practical experience on autopsy and victim examination our students attend orientation classes in DMC Forensic Medicine department and Morgue of Dhaka Medical College for one week per year. During this period students attend DNA Lab and one stop crisis centre in DMC&H (Dhaka Medical College Hospital).
Museum Work:
Specimens of medicolegal importance are weapons, poison and specimen photographs are preserved in the department/museum for their practical educations and learning.
Competencies to acquire:
1. Maintaining dignity and honour of medical practice.
2. Performing ethical practice.
3. Capable of giving depositions in the court of law as medical expert.
4. Keeping proper medical records.
5. Carrying out proper examinations of medical victim.
6. Performing medicologal examinations including autopsy.
7. Handling dead body ethically and morally.
8. Issuing medical certificates and medicolegal reports.