College Facilities

Kumudini Women’s Medical College is implementing a well-designed curriculum for MBBS and BDS courses approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. It is well equipped with adequate facilities for utilizing modern and effective instructional teaching-learning methods and aids in accordance with the curriculum. The academic environment nurtures development of faculties for improving quality of education through continuous monitoring and rigorous evaluation system. Physical infrastructure within the college and its affiliated hospital provides appropriate spaces for lecture, demonstrations, tutorials, practical and bed side clinical teaching. It has well equipped laboratories, tutorial rooms for small group discussion and one spacious dissection hall with a museum, library with wide reading room, students’ common room, canteen, and fair price shop.

The main facilities include:

  • Lecture Halls (Four): with Multimedia Sound System, OHP, Slide Projector and Black board/White Board.
  • Tutorial rooms (Sixteen): various departments share the tutorial room according to the class routine.
  • Laboratories (Six): Histology-1, Physiology-1, Biochemistry-1, Pharmacology-1, Pathology-1 and Microbiology-1. All are provided with necessary teaching materials, equipment, microscopes, histology slides, glass wares, reagents etc.
  • Dissection Hall (One): providing arrangements of dissection on four cadavers at a time. It also has space for demonstration arrangement for 110 students divided into four groups in four corners of the big Dissection Hall.
  • Museum (Four): Anatomy-1, Pathology-1, Community Medicine-1 and Forensic Medicine- 1 which contains adequate number of specimen, charts and models.
  • Continued Medical Education Unit.
  • Library.