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Principal's Message

It is indeed a matter of pleasure and pride to be a part in development, growth and achievement of Kumudini Women’s Medical College (KWMC).

KWMC is one of the educational institutions of Kumudini Welfare Trust (KWT). Since inception in the late 1930s KWT has been providing health services to the poor and needy. A medical college for women has been the dream of the founder of KWT Rai Bahadur Ranada Prasad Shaha who along with his son sacrificed their life during the liberation war of 1971. However, KWMC came into existence in 2000 and since then brought out 783 MBBS and BDS doctors who are serving with pride and dignity both at home and abroad.

KWMC campus is located within the 130 acres of fascinating landscape of Kumudini Complex at Mirzapur, Tangail which is around 70 km from Dhaka by road. The college is a fully residential one with all the facilities that make a modern medical college. Inside Kumudini Complex is the 1050 bed Kumudini Hospital which was founded in July 1944. Here is a beautiful blend of serenity of nature, service to patient and mankind and knowledge flow of medical sciences.

At KWMC the learning-teaching process takes an integrated approach. Classes of different disciplines are sequenced logically; conceptually related topics of different disciplines are put closely spaced so that students can grasp the subject matter easily. One of our greatest strengths is diversity; we have almost 30% foreign students out of a total of 900 students. The college administration is student centric and keen to develop culture of value based education and to ever excel. Above all, KWMC always ensures a safe, disciplined and conducive learning atmosphere for all.

I am sure, the young women who choose to study at KWMC will have had made one of the most momentous and right decisions of their career. I wish the students an enjoyable learning experience at KWMC.

Thank you.

Prof. Md. Abdul Halim