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Course Curriculum: MBBS

Duration:  5 years Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with additional one year internship training.


  • The MBBS degree requires 5 years of academic course followed by one year of internship in the affiliated hospital.
  • Four Professional Examinations are conducted by the University of Dhaka.
  • The Professional MBBS Examinations (1st, 2nd, 3rd & Final Professional) occur either on first week of May or November in each year as per new curriculum.
  • Each subject under the course is the divided into certain number of items and cards examination. To appear at the professional examinations all students have to complete the assigned cards.
  • Pass mark for University examination for written, oral and practical / clinical examinations is 60% individually.
  • Student passing in the regular MBBS Examination will be eligible to obtain honors  ( 85% marks ) and place (up to 10th place ) in order of merit.


Local Examination: 

After completion of cards students in pre and para clinical subjects have to appear in term examinations periodically. Similarly, clinical students have to complete items followed by ward completion examinations. Finally, before placement for university professional examinations all students have to appear in pre -professional Examination in each phase.


End-course Examination:

The University of Dhaka conducts four professional examinations both for the 5 year MBBS course and 5 years BDS Course.


Field Activities: 

The 3rd yr MBBS students have to complete one month COME (Community Oriented Medical Education) as follows:

  • RFST (Residential Field Site Training) for 10 days.
  • Day Visit (at least 8 visits to be performed) for 10 days.
  • Study Tour (to observe different national health related organizations) for 10 days.

University (Professional) Examination:

  • 10% marks of written examination of each paper for each subject is allocated for formative assessment.
  • 20% marks are allocated for MCQ for each paper. There are separate answer scripts for MCQ examination.
  • 70% marks are allocated for SAQ (Short Answer Question) in all subjects (except in Community Medicine) for each paper. Final professional OSPE examinations are conducted by University of Dhaka on the same date and time.

Schedule and Marks of the professional MBBS Examinations:


Examinations Timing Subjects Marks
First professional MBBS At the end of one and half year Anatomy
500 Marks
400 Marks
400 Marks
Second professional MBBS At the end of one year Community Medicine
Forensic Medicine
300 Marks
300 Marks
Third professional MBBS At the end of one year Pharmacology & Therapeutics
300 Marks
300 Marks
300 Marks
Final professional MBBS At the end of one and half year Medicine: (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics , Dermatology Psychiatry,)
Surgery: (General Surgery, Orthopedic, Eye, ENT)
Gynecology and Obstetrics
500 Marks
500 Marks
500 Marks
 Total  4300 Marks

Internship MBBS

Internship training is an integral part of medical education and accredited by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC). After passing the final MBBS examination of the University of Dhaka, a graduate has to undergo one year internship in Kumudini Women’s Medical College Hospital. After successful completion of internship all interns will be eligible to receive registration from BM&DC.