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Disciplinary Rules

  • Students must maintain discipline inside the complex.
  • Rising of slogan, shouting, parading in procession are all strictly prohibited.
  • Addiction to drug and alcohol abuse amounts to moral turpitude and such offenders are liable to expulsion from the college.
  • Students are required to observe order and discipline strictly at all times in the college.
  • Political activities are strictly prohibited.
  • Students must behave properly with staff, employees of the college/hostel, acts of misbehavior are liable to disciplinary action.
  • At the time of admission both the student and their respective guardian will have to sign a bond agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  • Strict cleanliness is to be maintained all through the campus. Students are to refrain from plucking flowers and damaging fruit plants.
  • Students are not to disturb or interfere in the affairs of other institutions within the complex.